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Darryl McCoubrey, Vice President and Head of Research, Partner, and Dimitry Khmelnitsky, Vice President, Partner, Head of Accounting & Special Situations

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Our recommendations to Buy stocks have outperformed the S&P/TSX Composite by more than 300 basis points, while the Sells recommendations have underperformed by more than 400 basis points since March 1999.

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We Are Independent 

We provide investment research you can trust. We do not have investment banking or trading revenue or biases. That means we are only paid by the clients who read our research or receive our training. We call it the Veritas Way.

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We Stand Up For Investors

We are the voice of investors and study accounting like no other. We have served on national and international accounting standards and regulatory advisory boards, taught at business schools and regularly are cited by major media outlets.

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Veritas Report on Dividends for 2024: 
Worth Locking in Yields?

Investors haven't enjoyed dividend yields like this for years, but which companies offer sustainable dividend growth that is worth locking in for the long term? Companies use accounting tricks to hide cash flow deficiencies, which can fool investors into thinking dividends are sustainable or will offer ongoing dividend growth in the future.

Our research team recently published our first cross-sector report on dividends, highlighting companies best positioned to deliver robust dividend growth within each sector across our entire coverage, as well as companies with dividends we think investors should be cautious about going into FY24. Our forensic accounting-based approach cuts through the accounting tricks to identify companies with the highest sustainable free cash flow that will support dividend growth versus sector peers. 



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Our Track Record

What is the V-List?

Veritas' track record is measured through our V-List, a model portfolio that has outperformed the S&P/TSX Composite Index by 332 basis points (as of December 31, 2023, from inception on October 31, 2004).

The V-List is a concentrated portfolio of 12 to 25 companies recommended by Veritas Investment Research as the best investment opportunities drawn from our firm’s research.  

Stocks are selected based on their liquidity, lower volatility and potential for long-term capital appreciation, using bottom-up fundamental analysis and a strict review of accounting and disclosure practices to identify companies with defensible competitive advantages and the ability to generate meaningful cash flow.

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V-List Model Portfolio vs S&P/TSX Index Since 2004 Inception


V-List Review

Head of Research, Darryl McCoubrey, and Senior Financial Services Analyst, Nigel D'Souza, both members of our V-List Committee, discuss the performance of the V-List in 2023 and its positioning for 2024.

They discuss performance, sector allocations and why we're underweight banks but overweight the utilities & infrastructure sector. 





October, 2023
Veritas 23rd Anniversary

We want to take the time to thank all of our clients and supporters as we are celebrating our 23rd anniversary this month at Veritas Investment Research. The team at Veritas Investment Research is incredibly proud to have advised thousands of individual institutional investors, financial advisors, regulators, academics and private investors over the years. We have pushed companies to change their accounting and disclosures because of our findings; published over 10,000 reports, videos and newsletters; testified many times in court and for regulators; trained thousands of individuals on accounting complexities; certified numerous CPAs and CFAs; and all along, stayed independent and employee-owned. Thank you!

News and Insights

January 24, 2024
CN Railway’s stock price is baking in an overly-aggressive growth rate: Veritas Investment Research

Dan Fong, our Senior Investment Analyst for Diversified Industrials & Energy, was a guest on BNN Bloomberg to explain why he downgraded Canadian National Railway Co. to REDUCE from BUY after the company reported Q4-F23 earnings. The stock has had a strong run since the fall, but Dan calculates it is discounting a three-year earnings per share annual compound growth rate of 18%, while its average three-year growth rate over the last two decades is 13% (while taking out lows such as the pandemic and Great Financial Crisis). He thinks that the 18% growth rate is a tall order and notes that the stock price is reflecting a soft landing for the economy, which is still an open question.


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Our Affiliated Companies

The Veritas Group of Companies

Veritas Investment Research Corp., Veritas Asset Management Inc. and The Veritas Foundation
are owned by the Veritas Group of Companies, which is 100% employee-owned.

Veritas Asset Management Inc.

Veritas Asset Management was founded on the belief that superior research leads to better investment decisions. Our funds capitalize on the successful research of our affiliate Veritas Investment Research Corp.

Sam LaBell, Veritas Asset Management Advising Representative, Director

Our portfolios offer concentrated, high-conviction positions in companies identified through our research and due diligence work, applying a disciplined and systematic selection process. 

Through our research, we identify opportunities to profit from mispriced securities, either by buying top-quality companies for long-term capital appreciation or through long-short hedging strategies.  While our portfolios are primarily focused on Canadian equities, our portfolio managers also consider opportunities beyond Canada.

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Veritas Foundation

The Veritas Foundation aims to be Canada's authoritative source for participating in the country's charitable sector and evaluating its effectiveness and impact. Our vision is to foster a thriving Canadian charitable sector.

Mark S. Bonham, Veritas Foundation Executive Director

The Veritas Foundation is committed to making sustainable improvements to the Charitable sector through its innovative research, management and granting programs. 

In addition to offering the Veritas Foundation Giving Fund, a Donor Advised Fund, the foundation offers grants and awards linked to independent advice, information, thought leadership, and comprehensive reviews of Canadian registered charities, all within a unique VScore program framework.

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