Tales from Prison: How Does Fraud Begin?
Pamela Murphy, Associate Professor, Queen's University

A Global Macro Update:Buy U.S. equities, Sell U.S. Treasuries: Sell C$ and US$
Robert Robis, Chief Strategist Global Fixed Income, BCA Research Inc.

Uber vs. Lyft:Hitting the Brakes on Performance Metrics
Howard Leung, Equities Analyst, Veritas Investment Research

Best Investment Idea: Stella-Jones Inc.
Marlena Zabielska, Portfolio Manager, Sionna Investment Managers

An Assessment  of  IFRS 9 in Global Perspective
Fred Nieto, Head of Investor Engagement, International Accounting Standards Board
Nigel D'Souza, Equities Ananyst, Veritas Investment Research

Best Investment Idea:Champion Iron Ltd.
Catharine Sterrit, Portfolio Manager, CIBC Asset Management Inc.

Investing That Profits Everyone.
Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director of Impact Advisory, Rally Assets.

The Future of Bay Street.Who Wins, Who Loses & Why?
Ira Gluskin, Chief Investment Officer, Irager + Associates Inc.

Best Investment Idea:Westhore Terminals Investment Corp.
Michael Simpson, Senior Vice President and Executive Portfolio Manager, Sentry Investments

Best Investment Idea:The Westaim Corp.
Mark Tredgett, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Vantage Asset Management Inc.

Best Investment Idea: Air Canada
Jeannine LiChong, Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd.

Observations of a Class Action Lawyer
Michael Robb, Partner - Class Actions, Siskinds LLP.

Best Investment Idea: Linamar and FAANGM Stocks: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft
Bruce Murray, CEO and CIO, The Murray Wealth Group

Best Investment Idea:Sienna Senior Living
Ryan Marr, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Waypoint Investment Partners

Fireside Chat:You Can't Say that in Canada! An American Journalist's Adventures in Navigating Bay Street
David Milstead, Reporter, The Globe & Mail

Wrap Up and Best Idea:Buy Canada?
Anthony Scilipoti & Veritas Investment Research Team