Our analysts have won numerous awards over the years, including 27 Refinitiv StarMine Awards for generating excess returns for our clients and multiple TopGun Canadian Equity Awards.

Awards in 2020

TopGun Canadian Equity Research 




Dimitry Khmelnitsky, CPA, CA

Vice President and Head of Accounting & Special Situations

#3 Ranked Special Situations Analyst in Canada in 2020. 
Voted #1 in 2019 and #3 in 2018.

For three consecutive years, Dimitry Khmelnitsky has ranked in the top-three Canadian analysts for special situations, according to the Brendan Wood TopGun Awards. The awards are voted on by Canadian institutional investors.

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Refinitiv StarMine Awards

Our analysts also won eight Refinitiv StarMine awards in 2020, including First Overall and Third Overall across all analysts and sectors. 

The Refinitiv StarMine Analyst Awards objectively measure the performance of analysts based on the returns of their Buy and Sell recommendations during the preceding year. 



Desmond Lau, CPA, CA, CFA
Investment Analyst, Communication Service & Technology

Ranked #1 Overall across all Canadian analysts and sectors for stock picking in 2020. Also ranked #1 for the Media Sector and #1 for Telecom in 2020. Winner of StarMine awards for four consecutive years.


Dan Fong, BA, HBA, CFA
Investment Analyst, Industrials

Ranked #3 Overall across all Canadian analysts and sectors for stock picking in 2020. Also ranked #1 for the Auto Components Sector and #3 for Diversified Industrials in 2020.


Darryl McCoubrey, CPA, CA
Head of Research, VP Utilities & Infrastructure

Ranked #2 for the Chemicals & Utilities Sector for stock picking in 2020. Darryl has won numerous StarMine awards, including #4 Overall across all analysts and sectors in 2017 and #3 Overall in 2016.


Nigel D'Souza, B.Sc., CFA
Investment Analyst, Financial Services

Ranked #2 for Bank Industry earning estimate accuracy in 2020. In 2019, he finished 6th Overall across all analysts and sectors for stock picking and #1 for the Banks Sector.


Past Awards


TopGun Canadian Equity Research 

Dimitry Khmelnitsky, VP and Head of Accounting & Special Situations, was ranked #1 amongst Canadian special situations analysts, according to Brendan Wood. He was also ranked #2 amongst special situations analysts for the three-year period including 2019.

Refinitiv StarMine 

Veritas also won five Refinitiv StarMine awards in 2019. 

Nigel D'Souza finished #6 Overall across all analysts and sectors, as well as #1 in Banks. His outlook was featured in The Globe & Mail:  Why this top analyst has a sell rating on each of the Big Six banks.

Desmond Lau also placed #2 for Communications Services and #3 for the Media Sector.

Howard Leung finished #2 in REITs.


TopGun Canadian Equity Research

Dimitry Khmelnitsky, VP and Head of Accounting & Special Situations, ranked #3 amongst special situations analysts. It was Veritas's first TopGun award.

Refinitiv StarMine

Desmond Lau placed #3 in Telecommunications Services stock picking. It was his second consecutive top-three placement for his sector.


Refinitiv StarMine

Darryl McCoubrey finished 6th overall for stock picking across all analysts and sectors. It was his second year in a row with a Top-10 finish and third year in a row for the firm to have a Top-10 finisher. Darryl also finished #1 for the Chemicals and Utilities Sector.

Desmond Lau also placed #1 for the Telecommunications Services sector.


Refinitiv StarMine

Darryl McCoubrey finished #3 Overall for stock picking across all analysts and sectors. 


Refinitiv StarMine

Kyle MacDonald finished #2 Overall for stock picking across all analysts and sectors. He also placed #1 for Banks.


Refinitiv StarMine

Ohad Lederer placed #3 for Banks stock picking. It was Veritas's first StarMine award.


"The StarMine awards are particularly meaningful to us because they consistently and objectively show the excess returns that our accounting-based research provides to our clients. What people don’t see is that behind the scenes, these are also team awards. Our analysts are working together to publish some of the best stock analysis on the street." 

— Anthony Scilipoti
Veritas President and CEO