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When the story falls apart, it falls apart fast. Time and time again, we see that the warning signs were always there. And yet, somehow, the market responds with great surprise when the reality of underlying business challenges and deteriorating fundamentals eventually surface.

Over the past twenty years, we have trained regulators, portfolio managers, enforcement officers, business professionals, bank lending professionals, legal professionals, investment advisors, accountants, university students and individual investors.

The objective of our training is to help you make better business and investment decisions. We use real-life examples and walk participants through actual financial statements to teach you how to proactively identify warning signs in the accounting and assess their potential impact on reported results and shareholders.

Participants benefit from our experience in identifying blow-ups often long before they occur.

Our latest course embodies the Veritas Credo:

Companies do not fail because of accounting manipulation.
But when a management team uses accounting maneuvers, it is usually because the underlying operations are not sustainable.

Not since WWII has there been an exogenous force that has wreaked such havoc on the global economy. Government support stimuli have cushioned the decline, but the longer the economy takes to grow into the stock market’s valuation, the more apt a management team will be to use accounting techniques to ensure that stakeholders do not become impatient. The next two or three quarters will be key.

In this training, you will learn how to apply our forensic analysis framework to uncover companies that are:

• Inflating Cash Flows and Earnings
• Managing Loan Loss Provisions
• Boosting Same Store Sales
• Avoiding Interest Expenses
• Covering Up Bad Debt 

We also explore the blow-ups of Carillion and Wirecard.

Staying Vigilant in 2021: 
Lessons from COVID-19 Accounting Distortions and Past Blowups (Wirecard and Carillion)

We have finished our live webinar dates for now, but will soon have training available on demand.

Stay Tuned.

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All Veritas training courses meet mandatory professional development requirements for CPA and CFA designations.


Training subsidies may also be available to certain groups.

More customized and group training options

We have 11 different modules, and each module varies from 1.0 to 4.0 hours.

We can tailor courses for groups and organizations.

We can discuss specific sectors or companies of interest, and adapt our curriculum around your organization’s specific investment or business needs.


100% of participants state have told us they would take another Veritas course.

Here is what they said:

"I love their passion and how they dig into the details." 

"Anthony and Dimitry are very engaging and they make accounting interesting!"

"Become an expert in finding out the bombs."

"A great tool for what to look out for."

"It helps study certain aspects of financial history that are sure to repeat themselves."

"I now feel more comfortable screening for, recognizing and calling out red flags."

"Good for key takeaways you can apply to your investment process without being too time-consuming."

"Great information to have when speaking to management."